Business Overview

Business Overview

Key technology:direct reprogramming technology using small-molecular compounds

This is a technology in which a compound or other substance is added to cells to convert them into a different type of cell. Unlike conventional techniques, this technology does not introduce genes into cells, which may greatly reduce the risk of adverse effects on cells and the risk of tumorigenesis. In recent years, direct reprogramming from somatic cells such as fibroblasts to regenerative medical cells such as neurons, cartilage cells, cardiomyocytes, and hepatocytes has been reported.

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Our technology is the direct reprogramming of skin cells to energy-consuming cells called “brown adipocyte” by adding low-molecular-weight compound. Brown adipocyte consume a large amount of energy, and if they can be increased or transplanted in the body, they are expected to be useful for the treatment of obesity and other diseases. EPD is promoting development in the following two business areas.

  • Cell Therapy Business EPD is aiming for the prevention and treatment of obesity and diabetes by producing brown adipocyte from a patient’s own cells and administering them back the patient.
  • Weight Loss Supplement Creation Business EPD is exploring functional dietary supplements that can be expected to burn fat with the aim of commercializing them, by adding candidate substances to brown adipocyte created with our technology and evaluating the cells, including their activity.

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